NBC News tonight

Stories that were covered during today’s NBC News at 5:30:    

1)   Overview of cancellation of Obama Care      2)  Individual focus on individuals who are getting yanked off of Obama Care.  Covered one person who voted for Trump and one who voted for Hillary   3)  Trump vs. the CIA     4)  Dylan Roof serving as his own attorney and expressing that he has no remorse for his acts  5)  Derailment of train  6)  Girl slammed to the ground at a high school  7) Snow on east coast  (at this point, we are 13 minutes into news cast).  (Commercials aired)  8) (restart news at 5:46)  Deceptive My Pillow ad. (5:48)  (More ads aired).  9) (return to news at 17:51):  Macy’s closing stores after poor X-Mas season    10)  Janet Jackson’s delivery and discussion of pregnancies among older women  11)  Obama salute from military at 5:53  (more ads– return to news at 17:55).  12) Feel good story about autistic kid who won the Rhodes scholarship.

Stories that were NOT covered or covered incompletely:  A)  A judge has ruled that Volkswagon has to deal with the many lawsuits from investors (Reuters).   B)  Julian Assange somehow evolved from being an object of loathing to being courted as a guest on Fox  (Washington Post)  C)  Mass Stabbing of children in southern China (Reuters)   D)  Bernie Sanders brought a printout of Trump’s tweets to the Senate today as a reminder that he promised to NOT cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid  (Time)  E)  Although they mentioned Trump’s disagreements with the intelligence community, they did not mention that Trump has tweeted plans to reduce the budgets of the various intelligence agencies because they have been “politicized,” and that his NSA advisor Michael Flynn was once “pushed out” by the current Director of National Intelligence — the one whose budget is to be reduced. That appears to be a “politicized” act also.  (New York Magazine, quoting the Wall Street Journal).  While they did discuss Dylann Roof’s lack of remorse for his racist mass murders, they did not mention his contempt for psychology being based on his belief that it is a “Jewish Invention.” (Christian Science Monitor)

Overall, when you compare the network news  stories to the many, shall we say, “substantial” stories out there, one can understand my contempt for the corporate media.  The first 6 stories were on important topics, but some were covered superficially.  The last 6 varied from somewhat germane to the lives of the average person to pure entertainment.  I love Janet Jackson, for example, but her baby’s birth to a 50 year old mother was one of fewer than 1000 this year in the U.S……MUCH  less than 1% of all live births (using statistics from the Center for Disease Control).  So WHO bloody cares!?

NBC News:  Start reporting news like our democracy depends on it!  




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